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Conspire Voice - A Technological Marvel

Our Voice Service allows you to make low-cost telephone calls over the internet to anyone in the world, regardless of how they connect to the telephone network.

This service requires an internet connection - but you do not need to keep a physical landline to use our voice service, it can completely replace your existing phone system and save you money on everyday calling (you can even keep your existing number when you switch to us).

The technology even allows you make & receive calls anywhere you have an internet connection so you can take your number with you, where-ever you go!

Interconnecting Telephony
When you place a call to someone, our service routes the call over the internet (via your local calling cluster) and picks the best value / quality path to the recipient.

Our network can connect to hundreds of service providers around the globe, so you can call virtually anyone - anywhere!

Rest assured, your clients & family will still be able to call you from their current setup too, since we ensure all inbound calls are received as expected.

You can even setup multiple numbers in different area codes to make inbound calling cheaper for your friends & family!
Access Methods
You can access our network via an SIP client (IAX is also supported in most hubs).

Smartphone users can usually find a software based phone in the app store, or with a decent quality microphone headset you can turn your laptop or PC into a powerful dialling hub.

If you are replacing your current phone, we recommend the use of an IP Phone that plugs directly into your modem (or the use of a VoIP adapter that sits between your existing PSTN based hardware).

Please note, serviced alarms and certain specialized equipment may not work with Voice over IP.

Local Calling Hubs

To ensure a quality service across the globe, we've built local calling hubs that handle local calling.

When you sign up, you'll be able to choose which hub you would like to use - for best results, pick the nearest hub to you and the majority of the people who you'll be likely to talk to.

With coverage available in over 7,000 locations across North America, our USA hub has the capability of powering your entire operations force - whether you need one line, or 600 - we have the infrastructure to help get you and your business sorted, in practically every city across the country!
Our Australian Hub caters for more than 600 locations. Local servers in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth and Sydney has the continent covered and the best route is automatically configured when you log into the system, meaning you can move around effortlessly.
Our Canadian cluster utilizes servers in Toronto and Montreal to provide excellent call quality and premium grade routing across the nation. Better yet, given Canada shares the same infrastructure with the USA, integration between the two hubs is easier than ever!
New Zealand
Hosted in Auckland, the NZ hub can handle all national and international traffic with ease. In most cases, customers based in New Zealand can replace their current provider with no fuss and be up and running in no time - all while saving you money on your monthly bill!

Advanced Features

Call Forwarding
We can route your Conspire Voice calls to another number and it can even automatically follow you based on the time of day!

For example you could have your landline ring at home up until 8 a.m. and then start forwarding to your mobile once you've left for work.
Dedicated Hardware & Installation
For large fit-outs, we can meet with you to arrange the best possible way to migrate your phone lines to Conspire.

We'll arrange and setup the hardware (or software) solution and lay out a best-practice migration path that limits downtime & and retraining.
Number Porting
If you are planning to move your existing line to Conspire, you can bring your existing number with you!

We'll organize for your current provider to release the number to us and will time the transfer to occur with your current billing cycle.
International Numbers
If you have friends or family that live abroad, you can register a phone number in their local area plan and they'll be able to call you as if you were there locally!

We have a large inventory of numbers and it won't cost you any extra to receive calls via the international numbers!
Emergency Compliance
To ensure customer safety, we provide the means to register with your local emergency call system, so, if the need arises, you can be sure emergency services will be able to efficiently track your call and send help to your registered address.

This is a free service (where available).

Technical Specifications

Supported Protocols
SIP & IAX are supported and can be dynamically registered.

Static IP Authentication is possible in some local hubs (SIP Only)

Access to your local calling hub is available from anywhere in the world, however, if you are planning an extended stay in a location that is covered by another hub, we recommend asking us to transfer your account to another hub to improve latency.
Localized Dialing Rules
Our service mimics traditional dialing rules for each local hub.

You will be able to call most phones the same way you would normally.

  • 0011 International Prefix
  • Area Code Prefix for Interstate
  • Localized 8 Digit Dialing

U.S.A. / Canada
  • 011 International Prefix
  • Area Code Prefix for Interstate
  • 10 Digit Dialing
New Zealand
  • 00 International Prefix
  • Area Code Prefix for Tolls
  • Localized 7 Digit Dialing
Standard Calling Features
  • Inbound & Outbound Caller ID
  • Multiple Network Failovers
  • Voicemail Inbox
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Holding
  • Directory Assistance
  • Emergency Services
  • Community Services
Supported Transport Codecs
  • G.711u ULAW
  • G.711u PCMU (US Only)
  • G.729a
  • G.726.1 (AU Only)
  • GSM

Certain features may not work inter-hub and some features aren't available on all hubs.

Region Specific features will only be supported by their local hub.
Ultra-Low International Calling
Worldwide Inbound Numbers
High Reliability