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conspire | (verb) | `kon•spi•er
To work together to achieve a common goal

About us


Conspire Web Services is a part of the Blade-Conspire International Group - Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and conducting business globally.

Conspire was started internally, in limited operations around 2003 - giving the opportunity to start building supply partnerships and the ability to provide hosting to existing customers and other brands, which became the precursor to what is now Blade-Conspire International.

By 2007, Conspire Web Services embarked upon it's full public launch with the creation of our official branding and spin-off to a publicly facing company. This meant we could start selling products to an international market, with the resources of Blade-Conspire behind us.

Since then, we've enjoyed success with our long-term partnerships and continue to add new products to our catalog - proving a small company from little NZ can take on the big players on a global scale.

For now, we'll continue to carve our name into the marketplace and strive to keep our high level of excellence, all while retaining our human connection - something that helps set us apart from the competition.

We hope that you'll join us on our quest and become another of our close customers that we'll look after for years to come.


Conspire Web Services cares about the environment

Where possible, we run a paperless office and have migrated 90% of our workflow to electronic methods - creating a significant reduction in the amount of paper waste produced by our offices.

Our servers use eco-friendly parts and the workstation computers our staff use are all tweaked to lessen energy consumption and operating voltages.

Staff are trained to ensure they pro-actively adhere to green standards advice and we have shifted to minimal lighting after hours where safety dictates.

Our Mission

To foster a culture of inclusion and excellent service above all else

We are committed to providing an excellent range of products and services, while retaining the human element that makes us special.

Every time you make a purchase, we'll make sure it's exactly what you need and want. We'll also strive to keep in close contact with you and ensure you're getting the most of our products.

We'll always endeavour to work with any customer, no matter their size or status - you don't need to be a giant corporation to make use of our tools!

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For formal enquiries or to request formal documentation, please contact our administrative facilities at our company headquarters.

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