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Affordable Hosting Plans

Everything you need to get a site online quickly

Conspire's innovative cloud hosting platform puts you in command of the tools you need to build a competivitive website for your business. Our powerful hardware empowers the boldest designs, with the reliability many customers have come to rely upon in their day-to-day operations.

Dependable Hardware
Our clusters are constantly monitored to carefully balance high-uptime and maximum throughput - no concessions are made on our platform!

World-class Networking
Our worldwide data-centers are fully equipped with high-speed transport networks that are ahead of the pack when it comes to speed and reliability.

Available where you are - lower ping & more capacity, for less!



Entry-Level Hosting


Get your business online


Enterprise grade features


$2.99 / month


1 Website

300GB Disk Space
30 Email Inboxes
5% CPU Limit

Unlimited Data Transfer
3000 Sub-domains
Mailing Lists Optional
Cron Jobs Optional
Optional SSH Access
1 MySQL Database (50MB Storage)
Optional PostgreSQL

Includes 40GB Mail Storage

Free Backup (5GB Included)

Need some extra oomph?

Try our low-contention hosting plans, more server for less money!

If you need the simplicity of our Cloud Hosting Service, but the power of our Dedicated Servers, these powerful semi-dedicated plans offer: Increased CPU, storage and resource limits; Faster SQL access; and None of the complexity of managing a custom server. All of this comes in a shared hosting style plan for easy management.

No-Limits Clustering
These servers have fewer customers per node, which means your application can stretch it's legs without limits!

Accelerated Databases
Our low contention plans make database-heavy applications (like Magento) shine, which helps keep customers on-site longer.

Supercharged CPU
Smash through your data processing tasks in no-time with these plans, specifically designed to handle extreme processing loads.

Virga Low-Contention

$29.99 / month



Space + Transfer
5 Cron Jobs


MySQL Databases
5 PostgreSQL (160MB)


Mailboxes + Lists
100GB Storage

30% CPU Limit

Free Dedicated IP

Included Features

All the tools you need to get started

  • Free Bonuses
    •  No Setup Fee
    •  99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    •  Fast Account Activation
    •  FREE Website Templates
    •  Online Website Builder
    •  Shared SSL IPs
    •  Dropbox & Google Drive Backup
    •  ModSecurity Firewall
    •  Website Accelerators
    •  Automatic LetsEncrypt SSL New!
  • Scripting / Database
    •  PHP4, PHP5 and PHP7 Available
    •  MySQL and PostgreSQL Support
    •  PHPMyAdmin / PHPPgAdmin
    •  Perl + over 3400 modules
    •  Python Support
    •  Git & SVN Version Control
    •  ImageMagick + GD Library
    •  Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
    •  Dreamweaver Compatible
    •  Phalcon Support New!
    •  IonCube & Zend Optimizer
    •  Server Side Includes (SSI)
    •  Cron Job Support
    •  SSL Certificate Generator
    •  Varnish + Memcached
    •  Node.js
  • Domains & DNS
    •  Full DNS Management
    •  Custom MX and A Records
    •  CNAME Records
    •  NS Records
    •  SRV Records
    •  AAAA Records
    •  TXT Records
    •  Full WHOIS Management
    •  Registrar Lock
    •  EPP Transfer Protection
    •  ID Protection
    •  Full Featured Domain Manager
  • Site Management
    •  One-Click App Installer
    •  Multi-lingual Control Panel
    •  SSH / Telnet Available
    •  FTP Server
    •  FTP Account Manager
    •  File Manager
    •  Custom Error Pages
    •  .htaccess Generator
    •  IP Blocking
    •  Hot-link Protection
    •  Password Protected Directories
    •  URL Redirector
    •  Website Manager
    •  Region Locking
  • Site Statistics
    •  Web / FTP Logging
    •  Stastics Tracker
    •  Access / Error Log Viewer
    •  MySQL / Load / Hit Stats
  • OS / Connectivity
    •  24 CPU Cores + 64GB RAM
    •  Stable Linux OS
    •  Apache Web Server
    •  2.5Gbit Network Interfaces
    •  Daily data backup
    •  SSD Data Caching
    •  Fast ZFS Storage
    •  UPS & Diesel Generator Backup
  • E-Mail Hosting
    •  SMTP Server
    •  RoundCube Webmail
    •  Email Forwarding
    •  Email Aliases
    •  Auto Responder Messages
    •  Catch-All Inboxes
    •  Mailing List Management
    •  SPAM Filters
    •  DomainKeys Identification
    •  SPF Protection
    •  Anti-Virus Protection
    •  Advanced Inbox Manager

Pre-Baked support for popular platforms

Use our one-click installer to setup your site in seconds!





  • Prestashop
  • Joomla!
  • Openads
  • phpList
  • b2evolution
  • Movable Type
  • Textpattern
  • Maian Events
  • Classifieds
  • Fuzzylime(cms)
  • Geeklog
  • Mambo
  • Moodle
  • Nucleus
  • Open Reality
  • php-fusion
  • phpWebSite
  • WebSiteBaker
  • Xoops
  • Help Center Live
  • PHPTickets
  • phpBB2
  • Simple Machines Forum
  • OS Commerce
  • OS CommRes
  • DOTProject
  • PHPProject
  • Mjguest
  • 4Images Gallery
  • Coppermine
  • Gallery2
  • Plogger
  • PhpCoin
  • phpFormGenerator
  • DokuWiki


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