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Resale Program

Empower your customers + your business

Build your own cloud business

Come to market faster and partner with the best

Our experience in the industry means you can focus on what you do best: winning clients; all while we put in the hard work behind the scenes to ensure a stable platform for you and your customers. We cater for all sorts of businesses, even if you don't have previous experience offering cloud services to your clients, our expert team can help ensure your customers are receiving the right product for their needs.

Expert Team

Powerful Infrastructure

Decades of Experience

Helpful Resources

Whatever your business goals, we can find a solution to fit your needs. We thrive on helping other small businesses get off the ground and can deliver as much, or as little as you need. Already offer web hosting and just need help with domains? Or do you need a little help managing your web design demand for your home-based agency? We can help tailor a package to fit your business, no matter how large (or small)!

Wholesale / White-Label Hosting

Sell hosting, domains and SSL Certificates to your clients!

Perfect for designers, technicians or consultants who have customers looking for a reliable hosting platform. You'll have the option to leverage our trusted brand, or build your own with our private-label program. Whichever path you choose, you'll get unbeatable prices on our world-class hosting packages - without needing to know anything about how servers or networking works!

Offer Servers

Register Domains

Sell SSL Certificates

No Minimum Requirements

Branded Wholesale Hosting

Your own custom branded hosting service, included white label control panel!

Branded CP

Mail Cluster

DNS Servers


Free Wholesale Hosting

Resell our trusted brand to your customers, great if you don't need a branded solution!

Free Setup

Trusted Brand

Wholesale Pricing


Private Label Backup

Help your clients protect their valuable data

IT Consultants and OEMs can now provide reliable, private label backup to their customers! You will have access to a branded control panel, software and storage servers - include our unique multi-tier redundancy platform. Your brand will face your customers at all times, all while being backed by our remarkable reliability and decades of experience.

Reliable Storage

Powerful Software

100% Branded

Learning Resources

Fully Branded Backup

Includes control panel, branded software and administration tools.

15x Client Access Licenses

7500GB Storage

Branded Domain + SSL


Outsource Web Development

Offer websites as a new product, or compliment your current business

Whether you simply don't know how to get started, or you already offer design or development services we can help. Use us when there's a surge in interest and your resources are stretched too thin, or as your full time consultants - our team are here to help. Our white-label development service a cost-effective entry into the development market and is fully brand conscious - we do all the work, you take the credit!

Cost Effective

No Knowledge Required

Fully Branded

No Risk

Outsource Design Team

Resell our design + development services to your clients!






Large-Volume Conspire Cordon

Protect your clients from harm (or doing harm)

Leverage our powerful new script firewall and protect anyone hosting with you from being hacked by unscrupulous actors. Your customers can breathe easier knowing their scripts are locked down tight and you'll rest easier knowing your customers are unable to unknowingly jeopardize your server security. ISP's can use also Conspire Cordon to filter any outgoing traffic to stop your customers from causing harm, helping to protect your invaluable brand reputation and save your network from ending up on security blacklists.

Data Feed

Custom Integration

Protect your servers

Experts On-Hand

Cordon Web Firewall for OEM

(Not to be resold as a standalone product)

Real-Time Protection

Custom Integration

Monitoring Tools