Enterprise Grade Backup

Store your important files, safe from disaster in our remote data center

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Safe & Secure

Your data is important, so why not take every step to make sure it's safe?

Conspire Backup puts you in command of your backup strategy, by complimenting your existing setup or replacing your old system with our Advanced Backup Software. Your files will be encrypted, so only you can retrieve them, and then stored on our powerful cloud driven Data Storage Hub.

Reliable Storage
We keep your files locked away in our secure, dependable remote storage center in Virginia. For super-critical applications, we replicate your data to our other data-centers.

Your privacy, respected
Your files are encrypted before transmission via SSL and even if intercepted whole, cannot be decrypted unless your password is supplied.

Flexible Scheduling
Conspire Backup works when you want it to, on the files you need it to - you can pick how often your backups run and how long historical copies are kept.

No bandwidth throttling

Full-speed ahead on all accounts!


Payment / Healthcare grade compliance

Conspire Backup

$4.99 / month



Secure Remote Storage

$0.01 per GB

For Additional Data

Conspire ProLayer


Powerful Software

Use these robust features to plan a comprehensive backup strategy

Exceptional Support
We cover any questions you may have for ultimate piece-of-mind

Efficient Transmission
Only the parts of files that have been modified are stored

Advanced Compression
Transmissions are compressed to save your bandwidth

Retention Management
Easily select which files are kept, how long they're kept & when to trigger a removal

Exclusion Zones
Skip any unnecessary files & file types, and save only what you need to keep

Conspire FolderScan
Our CreamingSoda technology scans for changes and immediately triggers a backup

Local Backup
Add extra safety by incorporating an external drive into your backup strategy

Super-Fast Uploads
We don't limit the inbound speed to our servers, every customer gets our fastest speed

File / Folder Copy
Backup any file or folder, including those in use by the operating system
Microsoft™ Outlook™ Support
Keep a copy of your emails, contacts and calendar
Continous Data Protection
Make sure every file modification is saved, instantly!
Incremental Differential Processing + Automatic Resume
To save bandwidth, only parts of files that are different than our remote copy will be transmitted
Local System + Bare Metal Backup
Empower your local backup system with full system images and copies to local storage
SQL Database Backups
Microsoft™ SQL Server Support
Virtual Machine Support
Supports VMware™ Server, ESX, ESXi or Microsoft™ Hyper-V
Flexible Scheduling
Schedule daily, weekly monthly or yearly backups
Multiple Jobs
Add multiple backup jobs & schedules to create a robust backup solution
Secure Encryption
All files are transmitted over SSL and encrypted with the AES algorithm
File-type Filtering
Advanced file filtering by extension or user-defined patterns
Flexible Retention
Robust file retention policies let you take command of how files are kept over time
Command Line API
Combine Conspire Backup with any other tool, or even run an external command before or after backup

Conspire ProLayer

Replicate your mission critical data across multiple locations

Chicago, IL

Be prepared when disaster strkes
If the unthinkable happens, rest assured in the fact that you'll have backups in multiple locations that are isolated from each other.

Seamless Integration
Once configured, you'll never need to worry about it again - your data will be automatically copied to the extra locations you have chosen.

Strategic Planning

Is your business protected from disaster?

Plan your storage usage
The base storage included in each account is usually enough to cover a full standard laptop backup, or since we don't charge per device, you could choose to backup your entire fleet. By carefully picking what files are appropriate for backup, you can safely keep thousands of office documents from all staff members without incurring additional storage fees. Our advanced backup software will also compress your files before sending them to our servers, so you'll save even more on storage costs.

Full system or file backup?
The full system (or system image) backups that our software can generate mean that for mission critical machines, you'll be able to restore a complete working environment back onto the device that failed (or onto a replacement device, in the case of more serious hardware failures). If your entire office is lost, by keeping a local copy on removable disk, it also means you can restore devices while your internet infrastructure is being restored in another location.

With careful planning, you can ensure that even the most destructive events don't stop your staff from getting stuck into the recovery process and minimize downtime from external factors.