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  • Standard Edition


    • Automatic Revision Scanning
    • Automatic Source Version Tagging
    • Advanced Command Line Control
    • Industry Standard XML Files
    • Standalone Archives
    • Storage Encryption
    • FTP Storage
    • SQL Storage

  • Professional Edition


    • Automatic Revision Scanning
    • Automatic Source Version Tagging
    • Advanced Command Line Control
    • Industry Standard XML Files
    • Standalone Archives
    • Storage Encryption
    • FTP Storage
    • SQL Storage


By Conspire Web Services
Imagine a transparent source code revision tool.

One that integrates cleanly into any environment: from software to publishing, or even game saves.

A source revision tool that doesn't get in the way (until you need it most)...

...That automatically scans for file changes...

and is easy to use.

Imagine... ...CreamingSoda

What is CreamingSoda?

CreamingSoda is Conspire Web Services' newest software innovation.

It's a source revision tool that doesn't stand in the way, that does its job quietly and automatically and is easy to use.
It integrates easily into any work environment and handles any type of source code or document.

Every time a revision is made, CreamingSoda saves a copy of your document, meaning you can always go back to an earlier version - handy for when you accidentally removed a section in your important report, or need to roll back to an earlier version of your software code.
There is no limit to the amount of revisions that can be made: just keep editing your files and CreamingSoda will keep making revisions - as far back as the life span of your entire project and as far into to the future as you need it.

Compare Editions

Standard Professional
Automatic Revision Scanning
Always have the latest version of your files stored in CreamingSoda!
When ARS is enabled, CreamingSoda scans your files for any modifications and copies changes to your repository.
Automatic Source Version Tagging
Automatically insert the latest build & revision number into your project source files or use the repository information as a version number sequence.
Advanced Command Line Control
Perfect for integrating CreamingSoda into your build process, or for adding a system schedule for dailies.
Always have full control over CreamingSoda!
Industry Standard XML Files
When using standard file repositories, CreamingSoda generates metadata in easy-to-read XML files, so you can easily exchange repositories with other programs.
Stand-alone file Archives
Create stand-alone archives for easier file backups & storage management.
Archives can be imported into any copy of CreamingSoda Professional.
Storage Compression
Save disk space and reduce backup sizes with CreamingSoda's compressions options.
You can save up to 80% more space than uncompressed repositories!
Storage Encryption
Encrypt your storage archives with a user-specified password.
This ensures only authorized persons can access your repositories.
FTP Storage
Store your file or archive repositirries on an FTP server.
Perfect for shared source projects or sharing a repository across your entire workplace.
MySQL Storage
Use a MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server installations as your repository storage location.
This enables easy access to your files from database applications

Other Features

Segregate Revisions & Builds
CreamingSoda provides a new way of version control, which was one of the driving factors to create a new and unique type of revision control system.

Not only will CreamingSoda create revisions, but when you build your software - CreamingSoda will make a backup of the entire project directory structure and label it as a build.

This provides even greater control over build management, by allowing you to step back to any point in time and rebuild you application exactly as it was.

Save Disk Space
To save disk space where possible, CreamingSoda will only make a copy of the files that have been changed since it last copied to the repository (except in build mode where it will copy everything by default to protect the source structure)

Of course you can still select which files to include in a specific build or revision.

Builds and Revisions can be optionally compressed, utilizing a custom compression format that squeezes the most out of files.

Fail-Safe Working Environment
By default, CreamingSoda will watch the files in your project directory and make a backup every time you hit save.

You never have to worry about making an irrecoverable mistake ever again!

As long as CreamingSoda has been running in the background, simply fire up the interface and wind back the clock: minutes, hours, days - whatever you need.

Easy Integration
CreamingSoda can be integrated into any environment using it's powerful command line features.

Combine the ability to create a build structure during your software build process, with CreamingSoda's automatic revision scanning to handle all your source control needs.

It can even update the version numbers in the files it works with, so you can focus on what you do best.

Keep track of your work
Every time you create a build or revision, CreamingSoda will give you the option of making some notes to explain to yourself (or your team members) exactly what has been changed.

A great feature for when you need to look back over the files at a later date.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or Above
  • 800mhz CPU
  • 512mb System RAM
  • 40mb Disk Space for Installation

Space consumed by repositories is project dependant and not counted against installation size requirements.
  • Windows 7 or Above
  • 1.6ghz CPU
  • 2gb System RAM
  • 40mb Disk Space for Installation
This product requires online activation

An internet connection is required during installation.

Windows 8 Desktop Mode is supported, however Windows RT devices are not.

Windows devices with ARM processors are not supported at this time.
We recommend downloading our software from our home page directly as we cannot control the actions of third party download websites, If you do not feel confident regarding the integry of our software after downloading it from a third party source, DO NOT proceed with the installation process.

We periodically maintain a list of safe third party sources, which will be listed above.
Certain Anti-Virus software may interfere with the installation of this software. Where appropriate, run the installer outside of a "sandboxed" environment or temporarily disable your anti-virus software while installing.

Some browsers may list the file as "Not commonly downloaded" this is perfectly normal and means we've recently released a new version that hasn't had time to filter through the safe list for that particular browser vendor.

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