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New SSL Certificate Products

+ Introducing Personal Encryption Certificates

Auckland - 06:00 AM

09 October 2020

We've recently introduced a few new products to our SSL range, which will help you to grab the right tool for the job - and hopefully save a little cash at the same time!

Domain Validation Products

You can now purchase a multi-domain wildcard certificate, which works like a standard wildcard certificate in that it secures every sub-domain under your main domain name, but you can also add on additional domains for it to work with.

For extra value for money, it comes with two domain names out of the box and you can install additional domains at a discounted rate (it works out significantly cheaper than purchasing seperate wildcard certificates).

Pricing starts at USD$149.95 including 2 domains (Additional domains are USD$74.95)

Multi-Domain EV Certificates

In addition to the wildcard certificates, we now offer extended validation certificates in a multi-domain format. This means you can get a cross-browser green bar experience for your websites, while only requiring one validation step - simplifying the rollout process.

All this from as little as USD$74.95 per domain.
Initial certificate (including 3x domains + extended business validation: USD$189.95)

Personal Document + Email Signing

Finally, we now offer email and document signing + encryption certificates for personal use. These certifcates are S/MIME compatible and work with Outlook for encrypting outgoing email (as well as letting your recipients easily identify a message was actually sent from you).

Additionally they work with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice to verify the authenticity of a document.

Finally developers can use them in Visual Studio for validating team submissions when using VS for teams.

Prices start at USD$14.95 per user, although as always, enterprise customers should contact their Conspire Web Services account representative for plan large rollouts.