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Conspire Cordon is now live!

Public access to Conspire Cordon is now live!

Auckland - 12:00 AM

20 January 2019

As promised on New Years Eve, we've just finalized public access to our innovative new firewall product: Conspire Cordon.

Conspire Cordon acts as an additional barrier between your important web scripts and any attackers trying to expose your customer data. It's designed to be as flexible & easy to use as possible, capable of sitting in front of your entire server or simply before any sensitive code.

At this stage we have examples for use on PHP or node.js, but Cordon can be consumed as a REST/JSON API from any language. We hope to expand our example coverage over time, if you have a language or framework that you'd be interested in using Conspire Cordon for let us know in the comments below (or drop us a line).

It is completely free to use, for any reason (commercial or otherwise). We only ask that if your usage exceeds 10,000 requests per month you display a small "Protected by Conspire Cordon" banner on any sites / applications Cordon is used. If it isn't suitable to display a banner on your project, professional keys are just $1.00 per month for a single domain, or $9.99 for a server IP address (multiple domains can be used on a server key).

You'll need a Conspire account to generate a new project key, but don't worry - it's quick, easy & free to register a new account!

Do you or a colleague have an existing or upcoming project that could benefit from an adaptive web script protection firewall?