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VPS CPU Upgrades

Increased OpenVZ Guaranteed CPU

Chicago - 12:00 AM

04 January 2015

From today, we have increased the minimum CPU guarantees for all of our OpenVZ based virtual machines - meaning you get even more power, for the same low price!

Each server has an upgrade of up to 38%, so there's even more reason to pick up a new VPS instance today.

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Old Min. CPU New CPU Percentage Increased
Wind/VZ 0.6Ghz 0.8Ghz 25%
Gale/VZ 1.1Ghz 1.6Ghz 31.25%
Rain/VZ 1.6Ghz 2.5Ghz 36%
Snow/VZ 2.1Ghz 3.3Ghz 36.36%
Ice/VZ 2.6Ghz 4.2Ghz 38.10%
Blizzard/VZ 3.1Ghz 5.0Ghz 38%
Cyclone/VZ 4.0Ghz 6.5Ghz 38.46%
DustDevil/VZ 5.0Ghz 7.0Ghz 28.57%
SandStorm/VZ 6.0Ghz 8.5Ghz 29.41%
FireStorm/VZ 7.0Ghz 9.5Ghz 26.32%

We look forward to being able to inspire and power new and exciting projects with these increased limits.