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Originally posted April 2011

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Saturday, 02 April, 2011

Domains using the .IT suffix can now be registered using the order form, for use with any existing or new hosting plan.

For a while now, we've been able to register .IT domains on a special request basis.

The process was cumbersome and a little outdated (head office would need to submit a request, fill out a printed form and then fax the request to the registration authority)

In this day and age of mobile internet and high speed data connectivity, we decide it was time to put and end to this and have been working closely with all those involved to automate the process - and now, anyone from anywhere can check the availability of the .IT domain they desire, using our domain availability check.

Furthermore, the registration process has been automated as well, and can be done via the domains section in the hosting control panel - or as part of a new order.

ID Protection and Registrar Locking is available.
Transfers can be made, however, unlike other domains, another year of hosting will not be registered after a transfer has been completed.
.IT Domains can only be registered or a period of one year.