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New VPS Features

Originally posted November 2010

UK - 12:00 AM

25 November 2010

Virtual Private Servers can now be hosted in the Australian and UK data centers in addition to the US data center. Additionally, a new control panel has been introduced for new VPS setups - which is available free of charge. Hosting a VPS in the new data centers won't cost anymore than hosting in the US. These changes are available immediately and offer a huge benefit to companies looking to better server complex media sites to customers in Australasia and Europe. Advances in the infrastructure technology also means you can utilize the new control panel from any of the supported operating systems - not just CentOS like the previous cPanel and DirectAdmin setups. You will also retain full administrator access to your server - since the new control panel is hosted separately to your VPS. The Regular and Ultra VPS plans are capable of utilizing control panels.