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New Website Design

Originally posted September 2010

Auckland - 12:00 AM

16 September 2010

We've updated our website design and are quite excited about the changes that have been implemented. The new site lets us easily bring you the latest news and updates about our products. Among these updates we'll be including security and vulnerability notices, so you know how to avoid them and what to do to fix them. We'll also be including tutorials on how to make the most of your resources. We've also released three new hosting product lines: The Virtual Private Servers, Semi-Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Servers. These offer more power and freedom than our Shared Hosting Plans and are of particular value to developers. We're also working on offering these services to those interested in reselling sub-plans underneath these products. Software Developers will be pleased to hear about our new line of developer tools, notably, a new, efficient way to create sortable tables, tabbed pages and forms - all with visually appealing control themes - directly from PHP code! No messy part HTML / part PHP, just pure PHP. Check it out over in our software section. Each page has a handy set of tools to help share the content with your friends, or to bookmark for future reference. Additionally, we'll be adding downloadable brochures for our products on each page. We hope you enjoy the new design, and if you have any feedback, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below or by contacting us.