• Home Phone

    Great for light residential usage

    $9.95 / Month

    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Waiting
    • Inbound Caller ID
    • Outbound Caller ID
    • Voicemail
    1 Concurrent Phone Call
    1 Inbound Local Number

  • Business Line

    Perfect for small business users looking to save!

    $29.95 / Month

    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Waiting
    • Inbound Caller ID
    • Outbound Caller ID
    • Voicemail
    5 Concurrent Phone Calls
    1 Inbound Local Number

  • Enterprise Voice

    Harness our powerful Enterprise Voice platform

    $74.95 / Month

    Was $74.95!

    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Waiting
    • Inbound Caller ID
    • Outbound Caller ID
    • Voicemail
    1 Inbound Toll-Free Number
    5 Inbound Local Numbers
    1 Inbound Fax Number
    Includes Virtual PBX / IVR

High-Grade Telephony

We offer cheaper line rental and fantastic call rates when compared to traditional plain telephone system providers and can provide many features that your current telecommunications company simply may not be able to provide.

Ever had to kick the kids off your home line because your waiting for an important work call?
Simply make sure you're on a plan that allows for more than one concurrent call & chatty teens will be a problem of the past!

Premium Routing
Our routing system ensures your calls are connected at the highest possible quality, while avoiding local carriers prone to drop-outs.

The fear of poor line quality is a thing of the past, because your calling is digital, no white-noise is introduced to your call.

You can even pick the best trade-off between crystal clear calling or low-bandwidth usage.
Keep your Number
Switching to Conspire Voice is easy, and you get to keep your number.

We offer number portability across our network, which means your friends won't even notice the difference.

Alternatively, we can forward calls to any other number, so even if you are away from home, you can still receive your calls as if you had never left!
No minimum term
We offer our service with absolutely no catches - if find it isn't quite right for you, cancel at any time.

We won't pressure you to make more calls, and we'll even make sure you're on the right plan for your usage patterns.

This way, you can be sure you'll always receive the best price, without pressure!
All the features you expect
By switching to a Cloud Voice Platform, you won't have to sacrifice a thing!

Everything dials the same, you get voicemail, caller id works both ways and you can even continue to use your current phone hardware (with the use of a special adapter).

The only thing that will change is the savings!
Virtual PBX
If you need to replace your existing central switchboard or need to satisfy a sudden expansion, we can help organize your call traffic.
Messages can be set and played back to your callers - even different messages for different times of day!

Each inward number can have a complex routing pattern applied, so you have full control over incoming calls.