• vFax Line Rental

    $14.95 / Month

    • Receive Faxes via Local Number
    • Forward Faxes to Email
    • Send Faxes Online or via Email
    1 Inbound Local Number

Digitize your Fax Lines!

Receive faxes from anywhere in the world - without the need for costly equipment or machine maintenance, so you can digitize your business compliance needs!

With Conspire vFax you can send and receive faxes online or via email, the other end need not know you don't have a physical fax machine.

Your contacts with traditional fax machines will have no problem sending you a fax or receiving the documents you send them.

Receive high-quality PDF or Image copies of incoming faxes straight to your inbox - finally, freedom from endless machine maintenance!

Send faxes to traditional fax lines by simply sending an email!
No special equipment or on-premise lines required!

Keep your Number
We offer number portability across our network, which means you can keep your important business fax line.