• Wholesale Hosting

    Sell Conspire branded hosting to your customers, Perfect for designers, technicians or consultants who have customers looking for a reliable hosting platform.

    • Leverage our brand to inspire trust
    • Fantastic deals on shared hosting plans or dedicated servers
    • No setup fee
    • No minimum performance requirement
    • Discount Domain Registration
    • Reliable Servers
    • Fast Hosting


    Simply purchase any 3 retail hosting plans from us!

  • Branded Backup

    $99.99 / Month

    IT Consultants and OEMs can now provide reliable, private label backup to their customers!
    You will have access to a branded control panel, software & storage servers - including our unique multi-tier redundancy platform.

    • Reliable server hardware
    • Advanced Software Solution with Powerful Features
    • Your brand will face customers at all times
    • Utilize our Support, Advice & Experience
    • No performance requirements


    Only established IT/Cloud businesses may apply.

  • Branded Hosting

    $299.99 / Month

    Prefer the idea of providing a white-label service under your own brand?
    Well, look no further!

    • Sell hosting packages under your own brand
    • Fully managed - you don't need to worry about a thing!
    • No setup fee
    • No minimum performance requirement
    • Discount Domain Registration
    • Reliable Servers


    No qualification requirements - anyone can apply!

  • Wholesale Domains

    If you already have (or are in the process of setting up) your own hosting system and would like to partner with us for affordable domains from all over the globe, you may qualify for the Domain Resale Program. 

    • Amazing prices on Domains
    • Full DNS Control
    • No performance requirements


    Only established hosting businesses may apply.

Build your own Cloud Business

Conspire Web Services can help build your cloud focused business.
Our experience in the industry means you can focus on what you do best: winning clients; while we put in the hard work behind the scenes to ensure a stable platform for you and your customers.

Why partner with Conspire?
We have the experience to back your new ventures, ensuring maximum return on investment and early traction on your projects.

By utilising our valuable busines network, you'll be able to branch out in new directions, empower your customers, and launch your business to new heights.
Industry Experience
We've been doing this for decades, so you know we know what we're talking about.

Rest easy in the knowledge that the professionals are taking care of the background tasks.
Valuable Partnerships
Over the years, we've partnered with key players in the cloud industry.

By partnering with Conspire, you open up a whole new world of opportunities that would otherwise be closed to the general public.
Existing Infrastructure
Why build something from the ground up when that's exactly what we've done?

Conspire partners get access to fast, reliable & power efficient hardware - without having to invest in the location, electricity, labor or parts expense!