• Enterprise Grade Backup


    $29.99 / Month


Safe & Secure
All data sent to our cloud storage platform is encrypted using robust 256-bit industry standard algorithms.

Data is transmitted over a secure SSL connection to avoid data interception.

Security conscious users can provide a custom key for encryption, meaning the data can only be encrypted by you - even if the data ends up in the wrong hands.
Reliable Clustering
All files are stored in our state-of-the-art cluster facility in Florida, USA. Utilizing our experience with high-availability hosting servers and our existing infrastructure for internal server backups, we're uniquely placed to provide a robust service that we use ourselves.

For mission-critical data we can organize to store your data in our other data-centers across the globe for extra piece-of-mind.

The web-based control panel lets you view / restore files or check the logs and storage status of your account.
In addition, status reports of scheduled backups are e-mailed to you and you can see if local machines have missed a backup instantaneously.
Powerful Backup Software
Our advanced software takes care of even the most complex backup requirements, and every base plan comes with a site license.

It runs identically on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Novell systems - train once, use everywhere.

It even handles VMWare / Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL (Microsoft / Oracle / MySQL) & Lotus backups - plus it can perform full bare-metal image backups.
Your storage goes further!
Files are compressed before it is sent to our servers, which saves you time, bandwidth and data costs.

If a file already exists on the cluster, only the changes are uploaded and duplicate files are stripped before sending.

Our very own CreamingSoda file technology powers the continuous protection feature, which analyzes file system changes and ensures your backups are up-to-date.