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Version 2.469.565

Current Version

Minor Maintenance Release

Standard & Professional Editions:
  • Fixes an issue where certain security settings wouldn't allow the creation of the default settings file.
  • Fixes minor graphical issues and provides support for more image formats when previewing files.

Version 2.462.560.1

Previous Version

Minor Installer Patch

Installer (all editions):
  • Fixes installer issue where D3DCompiler was mis-detected on some systems and failed to install.

Version 2.462.560

Major Release

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Standard & Professional Editions:
  • User specified revision scanning intervals.
  • Build checkouts to export saved files back into a working directory.
  • Command Line Only installation mode.
  • Background tweaks for increased performance and stability.
  • Easier importing of existing repositories.
Professional Edition:
  • Adds SQL Server storage locations.
  • Adds FTP storage location.
  • Ability to create standalone files for storing repositories.
  • Archive compression.
  • Archive encryption with a user-specified password.

1.x Series

Support for CreamingSoda Version 1 has expired and is considered end of life as of December 31st 2013.
It is strongly recommended you upgrade to a newer version.

Version 1.52.623

Maintenance Release
  • Adds support for multiple user license for enterprise customers.

Version 1.39.464

Maintenance Release
  • Fixes some minor issues surrounding automatic revision scanning.

Version 1.00.000

Initial Release
  • The first ever CreamingSoda Release!